I love it at the end of a soccer camp when a random player says to me ‘Hey Coach I really learned a lot this week, thanks”.  I then ask  the kids what did they learn ? The answers are always interesting !!

Here are some of the best answers from the past couple of summer camps.

  • soccer
  • new skills
  • sweet new moves
  • how to shoot
  • you can burn ants with my spectacles
  • how to rip the skin off a blister
  • decision making
  • responsibility
  • thinking more about my position
  • sportsmanship
  • to be strong
  • to drink a 32 ounce gatorade in one go
  • nutmeg
  • teamwork
  • how many times my coach said ‘okay’
  • that soccer camp was fun

All of the above are true, and there are hundreds more answers, but it just shows that different players learn different things at different times but most of all the kids come to camp for fun, to learn a little and to enjoy themselves.

Come to camp with us this summer. You will love it !